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For Everything You Need To

Stay Happy & Healthy!

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For Everything You Need To

Stay Happy & Healthy!

Visit Robert's Apothecary

A full-service pharmacy, Robert's Apothecary offers traditional as well as specialty compounded prescriptions with a drive-thru for your convenience.


Women's Health

At Robert’s Apothecary, we have a strong interest in women’s health. From gynecological issues and thyroid health, to total wellness, fitness and dietary supplements. Robert's sees women’s health as a growing area nationally and we have made a commitment to provide the best care and medicines to our female customers.


Men's Health

With the particular needs of men in mind, at Robert’s Apothecary, we supply a full complement of male-centric supplements and remedies. From prostate health and heart healthy supplements, to the skin care needs of today’s man, Robert’s Apothecary is your best local source for the products and medicines that men need.



At Robert’s Apothecary, all our pharmacists are qualified to meet the specific care needs of the pediatric patient. Children are our future and we treat our littlest patients with the utmost care. We have a full line of pediatric remedies and believe that a lifetime of wellness starts early.




We love the skin you’re in and want to help you care for and beautify the largest organ in your body. Our skin lines range from the most luxurious, to the cleanest and most skin nourishing organic offerings. Stop in to sample a few of our products. Pamper yourself with an all-natural moisturizer or give your skin a warm glow and healthy feeling with an organic cleanser.



Feeling a little bloated or upset in the tummy? At Robert’s Apothecary we have just the tonic for what ails you. If constipation or diarrhea have been getting the best of you, it’s time to turn the table with a visit to our apothecary. We have a full line of OTC national brand remedies, but can also suggest any one of several very effective natural supplements to help with your gastric issues.


Pain Management

Don’t let pain manage you. Take charge of your body and let us show you ways to help ease those age, illness or surgery related aches and pains. We can fill your physician ordered medications, and also suggest natural and homeopathic remedies and supplements to help you cope with your short or long-term discomfort.



Migraine Headache

For those who suffer, there seems no end in sight. The migraine is a pain and feeling like no other. At Robert’s Apothecary, we can show you ways to help. From calming scented soaps and aroma therapies, to OTC blockers and prescribed medicines. We want to help you fight this, the worst of all headaches.



About Us

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Robert White

Robert White established Robert's Apothecary in 1979. He is a pharmacist and enjoys afternoon naps.

Jene Landrum

Jene Landrum is a pharmacist for Robert's Apothecary. She started in 1992 and her husband is also pharmacist.

Mary Ann Ford

Mary has been a pharmacist since 1990 and has been at Robert's since 2005. She is married to Douglas and they have 1 son. In her spare time, she loves to go to the beach.

Mary Kathryn Tentoni

Pharmacy Technician
Mary Kathryn Tentoni is a pharmacy technician who started in 2013. She enjoys landscaping and gardening and has a dapple dachshund named Dudley that she loves dearly.

Eric Lloyd

Pharmacy Technician
Eric Lloyd started working in 2012 and is a pharmacy technician. He loves to fish and be outdoors in his part time and spare time. He also enjoys working on cars.

Otis Tate

Pharmacy Compounding Technician
Otis has been a pharmacy compounding technician for several years. He is married and has 2 sons and 1 daughter.Otis loves to be involved in his church and to travel.

Valerie Phillips

Pharmacy Compounding Technician
Valarie has 3 sons and is married. She loves MS State sports and helping with the university student center at her church. She also loves to travel with her husband.

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